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Dirt Road Diamond Boutique - My Story

Welcome to Dirt Road Diamond Boutique

Everyone has a dirt road story. Mine began on a feedlot in Nebraska where there were more cattle than people and a girl’s dream could grow as big as the indigo sky on a clear summer night. My life revolved around my family and the memories that were made on that feedlot, and that’s where I discovered my own personal style.

As early as I can remember, I liked things that sparkled and found a way to incorporate bling into my wardrobe, despite the dust that I shook off my boots every night. I knew that one day I would open a fabulous store where I could bring together all the things I loved – from soft to edgy and glamorous and rugged – and I was certain other girls would love them, too.

Those roots are the foundation for my boutique – Dirt Road Diamond – and it’s everything I dreamed and more. From the artwork on the walls to the old door from my dad’s farm, everything in the store tells a story from my past. And the clothes and accessories, they’re handpicked. Our brands can’t be found just anywhere, but they can be found here. So come in and say hello. Traveling this road together is just more fun

My life’s journey led me to Sioux Falls, but the dirt road led me to my dreams. The dirt road will always lead me home.

Let your style tell your story.